JURU AI Primes Retail & F&B for an AI World

How Artificial Intelligence drives marketing in the New World?

For local businesses, the Covid-19 pandemic has created drastic shifts from managing in-store operations and customer servicing to working online and staying at home. This has given opportunities for retailers and F&B services to cater to stay-at-home consumers, since quarantine restrictions have accelerated the desire to plan purchases better, fitting into the ‘New Normal’ lifestyle. Innovative digital services such as cloud platforms, mobile applications, and smart solutions driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are being deployed and harnessed. Marketing technology platform JURU AI was launched since last year.

JURU AI in The Star

Marketing technology platform JURU AI was launched since last year. It was an auspicious beginning catering for tech-savvy Malaysian consumers and merchants hungry for a piece of the digital marketplace action.

Justin Tee, managing consultant of JuruQuest that developed JURU AI, explains: “Ten years ago, online marketing presence was a burden. Today, retail and F&B businesses must transform their digital marketing landscape while securing and sustaining connections with customers.”

“Identifying and targeting customers is the key strategy. AI learns precisely who is buying and generates similar patterns from database to profile them more effectively,” Tee elaborates.

The system incorporates hundreds of variables in analysing prospects which human skills are unable to. The results can yield as high as 83% targeting accuracy.

F&B sales goes through the roof with Al

Tee shares an actual experience of his client, a casual dining restaurant chain. “Just when similar dine-in chains struggled and succumbed financially, our client experienced a 300% growth during the Christmas and Chinese New Year festive periods, while reduc-ing its operational costs despite pandemic SOP restrictions.”

How did they do it?

Firstly, customer stickiness was improved leveraging JURU AI to analyse purchase history. Big data profiling helped the client to identify new prospects, even when F&B overall sales were down during quarantine months. Second, a smart and dynamic menu uses AI to recommend personalised dining choices, enabling the restaurant to cross-sell and upsell to increase online sales. JURU AI successful-ly demonstrates how F&B can digitally transform — and, impossible as it sounds, even outperforming store-based sales.

Achieving business objectives intelligently

“Whether the objective is conversion, cost performance, or additional sales channels, JURU AI core mission is to improve loyalty and engagement experi-ences through seamless end-to-end solutions. Essential data increases speed to market and personalisation, while reduces labour dependency and operation costs. JURU AI has a suite of products under its ecosystem.

JuruPay is the flagship product from JURU AI. This payment gateway uses a universal e-wallet system, leveraging AI to learn about purchase patterns and behaviours. Merchants gain deep insights on how to recommend products and market to targeted customers.

JuruStore is a targeting marketplace platform leveraging AI to learn, identify and profile unique segments of prospective customers, and to improve conversion rates. It focuses on ready to cook and eat products with pre-ordering and delivery services.

JuruMenu employs face recognition technology for authentication. Deployed with a mobile ordering solution powered by IoT, the interactive system personalises offerings for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) customers, increasing individual ticket value and purchase.

JuruPOS is a cloud-based integrated point of sale system that can be accessed via multiple channels and touchpoints from store front to kitchen or ware-house. AI system can check on stock availability, verifies pricing and recommend specific choices.

JuruRewards mobile application manages loyalty experiences to improve retention rates. Digital vouchers, rewards and redemption are managed using the AI-driven app, giving customers greater motivation to repurchase.

Al for personalised brand experience

The marketing landscape of business has changed, thanks to game-changing solutions that boost convenience, transactional efficiency, customer targeting, and revenue performance. For retail and F&B owners, AI capacities of deep learning and machine learning can be a ‘silent partner’ for retail brands and F&Bs, helping them shift from labour intensive operations to cost-saving smart tools that lever-age on market intelligence. Other value-adding benefits such as cross-selling or upselling would enable merchants to remain competitive in challenging economic times. This personalises customers’ brand experience, while attracting targeted new segments.

Tee concludes: “JURU AI is confident to be a strategic solution for businesses, helping them stay relevant and connected, while positioning merchants to sustain profitability through lean times.”

Find out more at www.Juru.AI